Fida Ignition Transformer

Fida Ignition Transformer

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Fida Ignition Transformerv :

.I.D.A. S.r.l. produces high-tension ignition transformers from over 50 years. The main applications are: gas and oil burners, hydro cleaners and electric mosquito-killer. The whole range of our products is conforming to the European Low Tension directive (mark CE) and it is built according to the norm of product EN 61558. The models of wider diffusion are certified from VDE and UL.

Among the most important clients we can quote:

  • Ignition transformer FIDA 10/20 CM 2x5 kv, 220
  • Ignition transformer FIDA 8/20 CM 2x4kv, 220 v
  • Ignition transformer FIDA 8/20 PM 1x8 kv, 220v
  • Ignition transformer FIDA 10/30 CM 2x5 kv
  • Ignition transformer FIDA 12/35-33, 2X6000V
  • Ignition transformer FIDA 26/30 IS, 1X26000V
  • Ignition transformer FIDA 26/30 PM, 1X26000V 
  • Ignition transformer FIDA 26/35 IS, 2X26000V
  • Ignition transformer FIDA 26/35 CM, 1X13000V
  • Ignition transformer FIDA 20/20 IS, 1X20000V

Above  Fida make ignition transformers are available in 110 volt also. FIDA Ignition transformers are used in following make burners: arco, baltur, bentone, cuenod, ecoflam, fbr, dunphy, lamborghini, narayan, nuway, oilon, pilot burner, riello, sookook, saacke, unigas, olympia etc etc....