Siemens LFE10 Flame Detector Relay

Siemens LFE10 Flame Detector Relay

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Siemens Flame Detector Relay LFE10

Siemens Flame detector relay LFE10 and other models offering by Combustion & Control Systems, Mumbai 

Siemens Flame safeguard LAE10 for oil burners
 - For the supervision of oil flames with silicon photocell detectors RAR9...  - AC 220…240 V LAE10 - AC 110 V LAE10-110V 
 Siemens Flame safeguard LFE10 for gas burners  
 - For the supervision of gas / oil flames with flame detector QRA... or ionization probe - AC 220…240 V  LFE10- AC 110 V